Turboflow™ 360 Power Shower Head Attachment

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Create the ultimate showering experience

Showering can feel like a chore sometimes but not when you have total control over the flow! Replace your old showerhead with Turboflow to make every minute under the
shower an enjoyable one!

Propelling the water in the form of a net, Turboflow’s stream feels like a massage for your skin! You can freely rotate it in Turboflow 360° and install it quickly like any other

While bathing underT urboflow you have total control! The pressure is easily adjustable as well as the angle of the stream. Create the perfect showing experience for your
daily needs!


Bathe under a waterfall - Find ultimate relaxation under the wide massaging stream to fully immerse yourself in your showering experience!

Wasteless water - Using a high-pressure jet, Turboflow creates an intense stream while using only a third of the water you’d normally use!

Control the stream - Enjoy each moment of your showing experience, easily adjust the stream’s pressure to your exact preferences!

Turboflow is the ultimate choice - Turn your shower into a fully customizable spa experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your home!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Elton Block

Watering Can is exactly like in the description, the pressure is excellent, please note that the volume of water that drains this watering can at Super pressure will decrease compared to the usual water.

Yvonne Ernser

Good hang I'm glad to be packing well reached quickly супер я рад пришло быстро работает просто все супер продовец красава прислал быстро

Cecil Cummerata

Very cool watering can, completely plastic but looks impressive, I do not know how much is enough but for 500re prishlyushnaya

Deanna Bartell

Delivered quickly watering like the seller respect and respect

Tremayne Nolan

Good shower, the pressure is excellent, even the skin is a little painful. The most important thing if the shower lies in the bathroom and you accidentally give water to it it does not turn over and does not have you and everything around water.