Return Policy

Thank you for patronizing our products. We truly appreciate our clients and want to give them the best experience possible.


For you to be eligible for a return, you have to apply for a return of item/s on our website and follow the steps provided therein within 7 days after you have received the product.


The item that the buyer wants to return and/or refund must fall only under the following circumstances:

  • The buyer failed to receive the item
  • There were defects and/or damage of the item upon delivery
  • The item did not meet the specification (e.g. wrong color, size, item, etc.) agreed upon between the buyer and the seller
  • There were missing accessories for the purchased item
  • The item delivered was different from what the buyer ordered


Unless otherwise stated in this policy, a buyer cannot qualify to apply for a return and/or refund of the item for the reason of change of mind.


For convenience and hassle-free transaction, the buyer must ensure that the item, along with the complimentary items such as its accessories, should be returned in the condition received by him/her on delivery. Due diligence must be observed by the buyer for the whole duration that the item is not yet returned. It is highly recommended to take a photo and/or video of the item upon receipt and upon opening it for evidentiary purpose.


Further, items bought on sale or discount is not included in the return policy.


As for the liability of the shipping fee, it will vary as to the following scenario:

  • If there is an unanticipated mistake from the seller’s side (i.e.- faulty, damaged, wrong product delivered), the seller will bear the buyer’s return shipping fee
  • If the buyer is at fault or buyer had a change of mind, he/she must seek for the seller’s consent prior to the return application and will bear the return shipping fee
  • In the event that both seller and buyer are at fault, they will be severally liable for the return shipping fee (50-50)