StarBeam™ Colorful Starry Sky Projector with Bluetooth-Speaker

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Fill Your Room With Music, Wonder, And Celestial Vibes!

Have you ever seen a UFO that can hype up a party and help you fall asleep at the same time? The Star Beam is the ultimate all-in-one party light and speaker, making it a great addition to any home!

With its UFO shape and high-tech design, the Star Beam is definitely unlike any other light projector that you've seen before. It projects a whole galaxy of lights while playing music streamed directly from your device.


Beautiful lights - Apart from good food and music, vibrant lights are what make a party complete. Despite its compact design, the StarBeam projects colorful moving lights that will surely elevate the vibe of any occasion.

Multipurpose use - Parties are not the only events where the StarBeam is needed. It comes with eight built-in white noises that help drownout outdoor sounds so that you can sleep better at night.

Bluetooth connectivity - Other than being a powerful projector, the StarBeam has the ability to connect to your phone or tablet. This way, you can play any song of your choosing.

Remote controlled - Equipped with a remote control, the StarBeam provides you with the convenience to adjust settings from a distance. Change light modes, pause the music, and activate the cloud function with the help of the remote.

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Mark Keebler

especialy for this money it is a very nice light projector.