Pet Water Dispenser

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If you're looking for something to take your puppy to the park with you, this pet water bottle may be useful because it's easy to carry, has a large capacity, and is portable.

This pet water bottle has a safety button that allows you to control the amount of water that comes out by accident. You can even put it in your bag or hang it around your waist without worrying about the water leaking and ruining your bag or clothing.The ability to control how much water is released is one convenient feature you may appreciate, as is the ability to retract water back into the bottle to eliminate waste.

  • Handle, hold, and store. This water bottle can be carried in a variety of ways. When you're planning a trip with your pet, this is a great tool to have.
  • This pet bottle is so easy to use that you can carry it like a regular bottle instead of dropping the feeder on the floor to give your pet a drink.
  • With the wide sink design to help your puppy drink water more easily, this is a great way to bring some water along for your dog.

Customer Reviews

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Jammie Williamson

It came quickly! Sobaken is happy and now the dog has his own personal bottle :) The quality is excellent, very convenient and you can hang on the backpack. The owners of our brothers smaller recommend! :)

Telly Johns

It took only 9 days to arrive, very well packaged so that it would not break and as described. It's the second I buy, it's very comfortable.

Adriel Tillman

Very good article, practical, I loved it

Cornelius Schneider

It came perfectly well and very quickly. I'm very happy as it's wonderful. Thank you very much

Sarai Keeling

Пришло очень быстро, всего 1,5 недели до Казани)) Без повреждений, хорошее качество. Покупала большую за 600₽ со скидкой. Мой пёс сразу стал пить из неё) Всё отлично, но кнопка очень тугая. Приходиться её держать нажатой чтоб воду налить или убрать обратно в бутылку, и это тяжеловато из-за тугой кнопки. Было бы удобнее если бы механизм позволял нажать кнопку и не держать её