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LEDs are available in incredibly small packages that are both durable and water resistant, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways. Strip lighting is one method that is becoming increasingly popular. Linear (strip) lighting is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective choice for household illumination.

Product Features:

  1. Superb Right 2835/5050 SMD LED, High Intensity and Reliable.
  2. Long life 50,000 hours
  3. Continued length, packed with 5 meters.
  4. Ribbon Flexible curve around curves
  5. Fully smooth and even diffuse light, solving the uneven light problem
  6. Ultra-bright but working at insufficient temperature
  7. Low power consumption


  • To activate the timer function, press the button once at the time you want the lights string to turn on each day. Your Lights String will glow at your specified time.
  • Is it still able to turn on the strip light or adjust the light effect without the remote control? Of course you can, says the answer. In fact, you can now connect the LED strip light to the mobile app, turn it on or off from your phone, alter the light color and brightness, and even set the timer switch with the smart LED strip light. All of this is simple to accomplish. 
  • In the program, there is a pre-defined scenario, such as music, for which you can select the appropriate light effect.

  • Ideal for construction line decorating, landscape lighting, and theme entertainment.
  • Light sculptures, beautiful figures, active signs, displays, and showcases for the holidays
  • Also included are displays, a bar, a disco, a street, a sidewalk, a bridge, a park, a porch, a stairwell, a railing, a ceiling, and a vialetto.

Customer Reviews

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Nella Kassulke

I ordered it on a summer sale. In Turkey, the goods came quickly, thanks to the seller! Packed well, everything came whole. Set look at the photo. Control panel without battery (2032). The light check showed a strong care of white in blue (see photo). The rest of the functions from the remote work normally. After installing the application on the phone, the Bluetooth does not work yet. Total-two jambs! I'm going for a week, I'll sign off! Expromtom puts 5-ku, in the hope that the "jambs" will correct! Thank you to the seller, at least for the cost and speed of delivery! This tape, it's just a set of LEDs! On the remote there is a choice of light in large quantities, and in fact: there is no pink. Purple, Green (light green is) and other colors! I do not know what diodes were put there, but using such a tape, frankly, is very unpleasant. I already said about the total absence of white light. What we have in the balance: This tape is not to buy!! The seller has been twisted, so it's better to look for another...

Demetris Romaguera

The goods are of excellent quality. All according to the description. The parcel went 3 weeks. The seller is good.

Tania Buckridge

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Gillian Anderson

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Marcia Hoeger

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